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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone could run a PC

As per reports from many websites, Samsung's most awaiting Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will provide users the ability to plug it into a screen and turn it into a desktop personal computer.

The details of Windows Phone blog posted been leaked slide from a presentation which revealed some photos showing Samsung smartphone being connected to a screen with a keyboard and mouse. The slide is titled as "Samsung Desktop Experience" and which shows that the phone powering a screen to enable multi-tasking interface, presumably running in Google's Android mobile operating system.

There is not any detailed information on the slide than a visual representation, but if this is true, that it will be an amazing feature that Samsung will tout as it launches its next flagship phone, it will be crucial to making up the fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 which was recalled.

Every year Samsung launches its flagship Galaxy phone at Mobile World Congress towards the end of March and beginning of April, but reports says that it could be slightly later this year, to make sure that the S8 will not suffer the same as that of Note 7.

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