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Samsung Might Have Made a Huge Mistake With The Samsung Galaxy S8

Still, we have to wait a couple of months for the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, reports suggest that there were numerous changes in Samsung Galaxy S8 that will change the device completely. It includes:

  • Removal of the physical navigation keys
  • Add 3D Touch effect functionality to the on-screen navigation buttons
  • Changing the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone
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I'll tackle these rumors one by one, but remember that this is all fairly unsubstantial
Firstly, removing the physical buttons is nothing an innovative idea. You can see this in many of the Android devices, but Samsung usually kept physical keys from its beginning. So why get rid of them??.

It sounds like Samsung is aiming for such a larger screen that covers the whole front panel of the phone. Imagine this will be similar to the Edge devices we already have, with curving edges. But also the display will extend more to the top and bottom of the device.

Keep in mind that there is also a rumor that Samsung is ditching the headphone jack too. This would fit with the screen that extends to the bottom of the screen because you have to remove the jack to achieve this.

Coming to 3D Touch functionality is nothing as impressive too because it provides you more functionality on the buttons which will allow you to navigate around the device with ease. Quite how Apple responds to this remains have seen, but "context sensitive" menus are not new to us, and this is just an extension of the same.

Now, changing the position of the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone, this is something a different issue and a weird decision. This change to extend the screen makes sense in theory, but this is an existing technology about that would enable Samsung to implement a fingerprint scanner beneath the screen without any physical home button.

Few ago I came across a Qualcomm prototype for something called SenseID. It's an evolution of something I saw demoed even before the launching of Snapdragon 820. It makes use of ultrasonic waves to scan your fingerprint and it doesn’t demand direct contact with your finger to work, it can operate through glass also. This would certainly be a good solution for Samsung and expecting the same in the iPhone 8 too.

Qualcomm gave an idea to me that it is also more secure than traditional fingerprint scanners, it has the ability to see more detail and is also produces live scans which should mean it can unlock the phone quicker as you adjust your finger placement.

Samsung makes use its own Exynos chips in phones nowadays, with only certain markets (one of which is the US) getting devices with Qualcomm chips in. Samsung is glad to produce SKUs that forms different hardware, but it would never offer a different user experience based on that hardware.
I'm sure Samsung may license the SenseID system from Qualcomm, after all, that's how the fabless company makes money, but perhaps it's too great a technical challenge for 2017.

I don't mind using rear-mounted fingerprint scanners, but the thing is some people despise them. I think it will be a black mark to move it on the Samsung Galaxy S8 because Samsung's existing system works so well. No doubt plenty of people will surely hate this move, though, and Samsung could use more impressive positive press following on from the Note 7 fallout.

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