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Samsung Galaxy S8 is With Continuum Feature

Samsung always prefer for something exciting to boost up the company’s reputation among the masses, especially about their launch after the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 which has been taken out of market owing to some safety reasons. Samsung is the top of pressure to put on the 2017 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 that is supposed to launch on march end of this year. In every year, the Samsung Galaxy S series will find a new model to get released, which will be followed by an equivalent Galaxy Note range. This means the Samsung Galaxy S8 have the burden of not only wowing the users with its technological wizardry, but also it should pack more than enough punch to continue being in the mention as a top flagship smartphone for 2017. Few reports have pointed that there are many features that Samsung Galaxy S8 is got incorporated, and some of them include the Continuum feature.

Earlier, Samsung has come across a long way from its early days of allegedly mimicking its competitors. But all those whispers of street has got changed, at present South Korean conglomerate has ensured that their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note collection of flagship devices start to incorporate features and functionalities that are groundbreaking in their time, and also there are unique to the Samsung brand like S Pen, the edge display interface found in the Galaxy S6 edge and so on.

Steve Litchfield says that there is strong evidence that the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 will boast of a feature known as Continuum. Continuum basically enables a Windows phone to be able to hook up to a compatible docking device, and functions as a desktop experience. This is certainly a zany development, and it also clearly depicts how far computing power has come over the years.

Continuum sounds good on paper, but in our daily life there might be some snags in which one might run into -- at least it were to be on the Windows platform. Not completely with Android though, as such an idea is worth mulling over to consider. Details mentioning about Windows Phone have published notes, and it claims to have an internal Samsung presentation which clearly has its focus on the future 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8. One of the notes points a clear solution which enables the yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S8 to hook up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse which will letting you to pseudo desktop experience.

One thing is sure that Samsung Galaxy S8 is ill-suited for anything more than that in terms of all features concerning to mobile productivity.

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