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Is This What You are Expecting From Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has done an excellent job with the Galaxy S series in defining what a smartphone could be, and what they intended to be in the future. And in the beginning of 2017 Samsung is about to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 as the intended nature is everything it’s supposed to be, at least in our eyes.

As usual this year also Samsung is going to mind blow users with innovations which are incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S8, We’ve been hearing a lot concerning the new and improved S8, and when looking at what’s new will surely redefine the industry all-together.
Giving you the best glimpse of the top 5 Samsung Galaxy S8 features.

Wireless Charging

wireless charging has been seen in the previous versions in the Galaxy S series, the wireless charging features of the Galaxy S8 will be much more improved. This is because we’re hearing an upgraded version named as wireless charging plus would improve charging times by as much as 65%. This would be comparable to Samsung’s Quick Charging feature which we’ve seen in the supplied corded charger.
With any luck, Samsung will be throwing a free wireless charger for those who preorder the same. This may be announced as early as early February, or right after the CES launch announcement in march, 2017.

Waterproof More than 1.5 Meters

While the IP68 rating we’ve seen in year’s past has been a wonderful adaption to the Galaxy S concept, but we prefer more. While the 1.5 meters may be good enough for some, we’re hearing submersions in up to 8 meters may be coming. This will provide better photo opportunities and for those who have accidently jumped into the water without considering what’s in your pocket.

3D Features 

Probably the most anticipated feature of the Galaxy S8 is its 3D display. We’ve been hearing about this for quite long, and hopefully, the S8 will be the first of Samsung’s flagship to support 3D features. We’re not just talking about viewing, but also about recording and taking pictures in real 3D

Eye Scanner Technology

According to the recent reports, the Galaxy S8 will have eye scanner technology that will significantly enhance the user’s security. While storing sensitive information such as credit card details, demographics, and other information we wouldn’t necessarily want to get out, better security is inevitable.

256GB of Expandable Memory

Expandable memory is a not a new thing that we are hearing, but if you’re one of the many that use up all the onboard memory than having not just one, but two micro SD card slots is something to consider. We’re hearing that one of the new features of the Galaxy S8 will be two micro SD card slots that will give you an extra 256GB.

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