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3 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung smartphones are always the most anticipated of the year. One thing about Samsung must be recognized: each and every year they knows how to surprise us and it will do the same in this year also.

Why is it so important for the Galaxy S8 to be successful?

Times flows very fast, same is the case of users demand. Samsung always met the expectations of its customers but also had faced an unexpected crisis concerning the withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 from the market due to some technical issues it made a blow in brand’s reputation.

Samsung must overcome all these losses by developing a smartphone that, if not revolutionary, should stand out from the competition with the flawless performance in all relevant areas.

The pressure to the company comes to another level also iPhone’s forthcoming anniversary. Apple had confirmed that major changes will be implemented only in every 3 years, and 2017 is the year they marked. That is, Samsung will have to fight hard to introduce a better smartphone.

Of course, Samsung will implement a better device than the S7: a better camera, better video quality, design improvements, better security and so on.
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3 Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung must feature one or several new technologies in Galaxy S8

A smartphone optimized for VR

We are at the dawn of the VR era and all manufacturers who consider themselves innovators want to progress their development in this direction. Samsung will optimize their S8 (and perhaps even their S8 Edge) for virtual reality. Surely the smartphone will be optimized for this technology but also that the screen technology will be significant shows better performance.

Samsung may introduce a 4K screen or a very high definition screen optimized for this technology. The only disadvantage of high definition is that it uses a lot of battery power and forces us to recharge our phones more often.

A Smartphone with an improved battery life

Battery life is one of the major issues for smartphones today. Paradoxically, it’s one of the most pointed elements at the moment as we always expect more from our smartphones: improving performance, access to VR, prolonged usage, watching films/series.

In order to overrule this issue, several types of research have been carried out to improve battery life. The real question is knowing the dimensions, but it’s sure to be a high-performance device.

A smartphone with artificial intelligence

Samsung is also fascinated in this new trend introduced by Google and powered by chatbots. Samsung’s will also incorporate AI based features in its galaxy s8. It will be integrated into Samsung’s ecosystem and may function with S-Health and other applications.

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